Leading the way in automated FAI


Extra Eye offers leading-edge solutions for first article inspection (FAI). Founded in 2005, the company launched its first automated FAI system in 2006. Today Extra Eye systems are used by large and small SMT assembly manufacturers and EMS companies around the world to quickly, easily and accurately check PCB assemblies. Extra Eye’s automated FAI systems save these
companies time and money by reducing end-of-line defects and increasing yield, and ultimately help improve the quality of their products

Extra Eye systems have been evolving for more than eight years and we never stop innovating. From our earliest days, we have worked closely with PCB assembly manufacturers to create powerful systems that stand out in the market for their ease of use and high accuracy. By removing every redundant click from the inspection process, we create the most efficient FAI experience possible.

Extra Eye is the first FAI system to use a moving camera design and automation algorithms to dramatically reduce the overall inspection time. The Extra Eye system requires no programming and can be used immediately after installation, with little training. Without compromising ease of use, the software offers advanced features and capabilities that further increase productivity and improve quality.



International presence

Extra Eye comes in multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Hebrew and Czech, and is available in many countries through a fast-growing network of distributors in Europe, North America and Asia.