Some text about models

Extra Eye First Article Inspection Systems are available in choice of models designed to suit the vast majority of PCB assemblies. Choose the model that best suits your boards. All models enable the same highly accurate, efficient and easy testing workflow; they differ primarily in their external dimensions and maximum supported board size.

Model X-3040T   

(desk bench FAI)


(desk bench FAI )


(Pre Reflow AOI & Inline FAI)

Max PCB size: 380 x 450 (mm) 500 x 540 (mm)  500 x 600 (mm)
Max component height: 50 (mm) 50 (mm)  50 (mm)
Image resolution: 1800 DPI 1800 DPI  1800 DPI
Dimensions: 680 x 575 x 380 (mm) 770 x7 30x 380 (mm)  840 x 730 x 1200 (mm)
Weight: 24 (kg) 32 (kg)  39(kg)